2017 Artist Ornaments

New ornaments are arriving this week.
You can place your order now, to assure you get the ones you want.

All profits go to Animal charities.

Ryan Hale – Lady with Flowers

Sherri Belassen – Femme Cheval II

Andrea Peterson – Cozy on Up

Call or Email to order
Price: $12.00

480-945-2323 ~ info@wildemeyer.com

(Actual ribbon colors vary according to artwork)

Sheridan Brown – Doxie

Jaime Ellsworth – Red Dogs

Trevor Mikula

Theresa Paden – Wild Beauty

Chaille Trevor – Esprit

Charles Davison
Many Horse Many Dreams

Bill Colt – Moo
Ryan Hale
Ryan Hale – Space Dog

Connie Townsend
We Herd Ewe.com

We have a good supply of previous year’s ornaments as well.
Click here to see last year’s images.