Julie Schumer

Julie Schumer on her paintings: “My work is inspired by this beauty surrounding me and is a translation of the energy of my environment onto canvas, panel or paper. More recently, my work has focused on my own interior landscape, guided by my intuition and emotion… The paintings in my figurative series on paper arise organically from the paper, and appear through subtle layers of paint that are applied and partially removed over a heavily textured surface. The paintings present as abstract shapes, lines and colors that suddenly comprise a recognizable figure or group of figures. They are not necessarily male or female, but rather contain all of humanity.

Below are examples of Julie Schumer’s work. ┬áPlease contact us for more information.



Crowdscape II

Composition with Yellow V

Composition with Umber II

Composition with Gray & Orange


Composition with Yellow IV

Composition with Black & Ochre II