Karen Bezuidenhout

Santa Barbara based artist, Karen Bezuidenhout, was born and raised in the wine country of Stellenbosch, South Africa. It was there that her lifelong love of nature, riding horses and sense of adventure began. Sketching and drawing throughout her life, and after being consumed by a desire to paint, she joined a small art school situated in an old wine cellar. That was in 1996. In 1999, Karen relocated with her family to California. She attended a course in color and painting at the College of Marin, and soon after, moved to Santa Barbara.

Her rich, earthy palette of chocolate browns, olive, crimson, and ochre, drawn from her life in Africa, are now complimented with vibrant blues and greens from the ocean, reflecting her California lifestyle. Her subject matter ranges from elephants, horses, trees, birds, and landscapes, to lovers, beaches and sailboats and is a tapestry of her experiences and imagination.

Below are examples of Karen Bezuidenhout’s work. ┬áPlease contact us for more information.

Easy Rider

The Farm

Wind Over Hills

Desert Ponies


The Native American

Five Birds

Blue Mountain Horses

Tres Caballos

Sitting Under the Tree of Life

Red and White

The Desert Ride