Peggy Judy

artist Peggy JudyPeggy Judy’s paintings have been categorized as Contemporary Western.  She gives traditional western subject matter a unique, expressive interpretation.  Drawing and draftsmanship is the skeleton of her work, but the color, shapes and lines take the subject beyond the usual.  Negative space is as important to the balance of each piece as the positive space.

Below are examples of Peggy Judy’s art.  Please contact us for more information.

Golden Morning

Blu Hors

Peggy Judy, American Icon

American Icon

Peggy Judy, Reach


Peggy Judy, Strut'n


Peggy Judy, Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Peggy Judy, Pinto Yearling

Pinto Yearling

Peggy Judy, Leaping Foal

Leaping Foal

Peggy Judy, Horseback