Trevor Mikula

Trevor Mikula’s art can be appreciated by anyone. Taking inspiration from the people and things around him, Trevor’s paintings are interpretations of traditional subjects created with a palette knife and vibrant color. The results are easily identified as uniquely “Trevor,” paintings that are beautiful and full of life.

Below are examples of Trevor Mikula’s work. ┬áPlease contact us for more information.

Frida Loves Feathers

Sharing Problem

You Should See My Barn

A Cautionary Tail

It’s Always the Holidays with You Baby

I’m the Winner

Best Nibbler


Marie Antoinette Let the Dog Out Again


Calico on Persian Rug

Tequila Taxi

The Pineapple Express

Can Someone Tell Me Where This Blanket is Form?





I Drove Thru This Blanket Dreamily

Hare’s a Golden Pyramid

Southwest Frenchie

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Alaskan Klee Kai

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

I'm Ready to Sweep the Floor

I’m Ready to Sweep the Floor

Tall Tail

Tall Tail

Must Love Bugs

Must Love Bugs

I Can Fly Higher than a Beagle

She's a Lady

She’s a Lady

The Dead Hipster Club II

Ready to Roll

Cowsers Skull

Cowsers Skull