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Edgy? Or Just Imaginative?

Wilde Meyer Gallery, 4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale
480-945-2323 | info@wildemeyer.com
Opening Reception: January 5th, 7:00-9:00 PM
Opening: January 5th, 2017
Closing: January 28th, 2017

Artists create sometimes controversial images. People viewing them interpret them in unique ways. A painting that is seen as absolutely noncontroversial by one person, might be viewed by someone else as unusual, edgy, or even bizarre. Timothy Chapman’s flying Zebras or floating elephants might seem “weird” to some people, but to others they are perfectly charming and imaginative. Ryan Hale’s stark contrasted abstracts evoke that old cliché “my kid could do that”, from some people, but to others they evoke a sense of polish, sophistication and balance.Greg Dye’s exuberantly painted landscapes actually make some people stop and proceed with caution, but others respond to them with joy – just what the artist hoped for.

Seeks the Raven Chief

Road Trippin

Steamy Diversions of Reality


Please call or email for prices and more images.

Sun & Shade


Tiger One-One

Evening Guardian Ritual

Esperitos Perados

Flying in a Blue Dream

Horses Outside My Window


January 5, 2017
January 28, 2017
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