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May 2015

Abstract and Beyond

May 7 - May 30

Wilde Meyer Gallery, 4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale

Opening Reception: May 7th, 2015, 7-9 PM

480-945-2323 | info@wildemeyer.com

Sometimes the word abstract brings to mind a canvas full of squiggles, spaces, and colors with no recognizable subject. But often artists begin with a subject in mind then abstract or simplify it to get to the essence of what they want to convey. The painting may not really be about the subject, but about the art of the painting. Artists showing include Ava Young, Tierney Miller, and Nancy Pendleton who work in pure abstracts. Artists who present recognizable subjects in an abstracted way will include Brenda Bredvik, Jacqueline Ellens, and Melinda Hall. Ron Russon presents traditional western subjects in an abstracted way. Many artists work in both pure abstract and recognizable abstracted subject matter; such as Ryan Hale, Thomas Nelford, and Debora Stewart. Show will hang from May 7th to May 30th, with an opening reception on May 7th from 7:00 to 9:00.

Tilt, Ava Young

Backsplash, Brenda Bredvik

Wind Phase, Ryan Hale

Looking Back, Ron Russon

Golden Reds, Nancy Pendleton

Horse Abstraction, Debora Stewart

Montauk, Tierney Miller

Static, Thomas Nelford

Neighborhood: A Dozen Houses, Melinda K. Hall

Sandia Peak I, Jack Roberts

Trees, Jacqueline Ellens

Dogs Rule ~ Horses Rock

May 7 - May 30

Wilde Meyer Annex, 7100 Main Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251
480-947-1489 | info@wildemeyer.com

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 7th from 7- 9 PM


Treats, Judy Feldman

Balancing Act II, Barbara Duzan

In Your Dreams, Jacqueline Rochester

“Dogs Rule – Horses Rock” will feature some of WILDE MEYER’s best equine and canine artists. Artists include Chaille Trevor, Connie Townsend, Sushe Felix, Sherri Belassen, Karen Bezuidenhout, Jaime Ellsworth, and many more. Chaille Trevor specializes in painting the classical beauty of the horse. Sarah Webber’s wild burros exude charm whether shown in their natural habitat or as adoptees in domestic settings. Jaime Ellsworth often combines abstracted figures of equines and canines. Other artists include horses and dogs as part of a larger picture – participants in imaginary scenes. Connie Townsend shows emancipated dogs driving cars and motorcycles. Patricia Hunter captures the souls of her watercolor dogs. Show will hang from May 7th to May 30th, with an opening reception on May 7th from 7:00-9:00.

Call or email for more info:
480-947-1489 | info@wildemeyer.com

Woman with Horse, J Gilbert

Blue Gingko Leaf Horse, Michelle MacKenzie

Seriously, Patricia Hunter

El Adios, Ana Marini-Genzon

Parkside, Dana Hooper

Feisty Filly, Brenda Bredvik

The Lookout, Sheridan Brown

Nine Ponies, Suzanne Betz

Rolling, Lisa Gordon

Kong Rules, Connie Townsend

Rainbow Dance, Charles Davison

Eagle Horse, Jim Nelson

Greetings, Jaime Ellsworth

Mangoes, Rudie van Brussel

Oranges II, Rudie van Brussel

My Dog's a Nerd, Stephano

Sterling Silver Earrings,

Baby Got Back, Stephano

Doghead, mmmmmmmmmmmm

Southwest Cheval, Sherri Belassen

Good Neighbors, Melinda Hall

Glass Pegasus, Andrea Peterson

Puppy with Butterfly, Barbara Duzan

Super Pony, Lisa Gordon

Summer Breezes, Sushe Felix

Sleepy Ole Boston, Trevor Mikula

Boveny, Karen Bezuidenhout

Spirit Horses, Chaille Trevor

Hot Dog Encore, Andrea Peterson

Gathering Place, Carol Spielman

Full Moon, Jaime Ellsworth

You Gonna Eat That? #11, Connie Townsend

Regional Eclectics

May 7 - May 30

Wilde Meyer Gallery (Tucson), 3001 E Skyline Dr. Tucson, AZ 85718
520-615-5222 | info@wildemeyer.com

Opening Reception: May 7th, 2015, 5 – 7 PM


WILDE MEYER GALLERY, Tucson, will be featuring the show “Regional Eclectics” which highlights the work of some of our best regional artists. Everything from abstract work by Ava Young, classic landscapes by Kathryn Willis, and chic cowboys by Michael Swearngin will be on display. Also showing will be Sarah Webber, Ka Fisher, Sushe Felix, Barbara Gurwitz, Robert Burt, Kathryn Willis, Melissa Johnson, and more. Subjects include wild burros, interpretive desert scenes, and contemporary western and native images. Show will hang from May 7th to May 30th, with an opening reception on the 7th from 5:00-7:00.

Structure, Melissa Johnson

Road South To Santa Fe, Barbara Gurwitz

Airing Out, Ka Fisher

Windswept, Chaille Trevor

Glow, Ava Young

Arrangement in Gold and Sienna, Jeff Cochran

Evening Twilight, Sushe Felix

Puerta Azul, Robert Burt

Approaching Storm, Judy Choate

Her Hugs and Kisses, Michael Swearngin

His Hugs and Kisses, Michael Swearngin

Into the Gorge, Kathryn Willis

First Light, Thomas Nelford

June 2015

Many Media

June 4 - July 3

Wilde Meyer Gallery (Tucson), 3001 E Skyline Dr. Tucson, AZ 85718
520-615-5222 | info@wildemeyer.com

Opening Reception: June 4th, 2015, 5 – 7 PM


“Many Media” will feature paintings by Acacia Alder, Bill Colt, Fran Larson, and others. Also featured will be three-dimensional crafts by Alan Potter, Michelle Mackenzie, and Kathryn Blackmun.

Grand Finale, Diane Barbee

A Candle for Peace, Jose Echeverria

Three Horse Night, Melinda Curtin

Tango, Sherri Belassen

Getting a Little Wild, Patrick Coffaro

Peaches, Rudie van Brussel

Fire Sisters, Charles Davison

Tres Bellezas, Tracy Miller

Colorful Morning, Robert Burt

Nine Ponies, Suzanne Betz

Wide Awake, Libby Dunlap

Lulu, Bill Colt

Tucan, Susano Morales

Hummingbird Trio, Alan Potter

Tree Spirit Deer, Michelle MacKenzie

Lonesome Cowboy, Kathryn Blackmun

Longhorn necklace, Adriana Walker

Longhorn Tower, Alan Potter

Buffalo, Susano Morales

Red Sienna Horse, Michelle MacKenzie

Small Oval Bunny, Kathryn Blackmun

Ice Blue Wall Horse, Michelle MacKenzie

Tropical Sun, Adriana Walker

Horse - small, Alan Potter

Sterling Silver Earrings

Brown Beauty Necklace, Adriana Walker

Circus Rider, Kathryn Blackmun

Dimensional Expressions

June 4 - July 3

Wilde Meyer Annex, 7100 Main Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251
480-947-1489 | info@wildemeyer.com

Opening Reception: Thursday, June 4th from 7- 9 PM


Wilde Meyer Annex presents a group show of three-dimensional work. Sculptors include Barbara Duzan, whose bronze works capture the spirits of her animal subjects; Tony Dow, who presents refined figurative abstract works; and Carol Ruff Franza, whose detailed and expressive work ranges from relief to three-dimensional. Other artists to be shown include Lisa M. Gordon, Tom Philabaum, Jim Budish, and many more. The show will be on display from June 4th to July 3rd, with an opening reception June 4th from 7:00-9:00.

Mountain Lion, Carol Ruff Franza

Fred the Turtle, Kari Rives

Lady of the Sea,  Carol Ruff Franza

Beaded Bear,  Barbara Duzan

Chauncy Too,  Jim Budish

Lazy Bay,  Lisa Gordon

Sea Glass,  Nancy Pendleton

Stand By Me, Tom Philabaum

Summer Camoflage, Barbara Duzan

Untitled,  Lisa Gordon

Rapunzel,  Lisa Gordon

Reptilian Egg,  Tom Philabaum
Reptilian Egg,  Tom Philabaum

Reptilian Egg,  Tom Philabaum

Quanyin with Musical Instrument

Indian Pony,  Doug Weigel

Horse Head

Third Annual “100 for $100” Charity Event

June 4 - July 3
Save the Date:
Opening Reception: June 4th, 2015, 7-9 PM

Wilde Meyer Gallery, 4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale
480-945-2323 | info@wildemeyer.com

WILDE MEYER GALLERY will once again be holding a show with proceeds benefiting animal charities. Many of Wilde Meyer’s best artists are participating again this year. This show gives our artists a challenge to create wonderful things for $100 or less. It rewards our clients with a chance to acquire art by their favorite artists at a “steal”. And, most importantly, it raises money for several animal charities. Previous charities include Arizona Coalition for Equines, Friends of Animal Care and Control, Healing Hearts Rescue and Refuge, and Wild Horse Ranch Rescue. Artists participating include: Jaime Ellsworth, Ryan Hale, Bill Colt, Linda Carter Holman, Connie Townsend, Patricia Hunter, Chaille Trevor and many more.
Collectors can call email or come in to buy a piece. If there is more than one buyer for the same piece, we will draw to see who gets to purchase the piece. Buyers can start as soon as our evite goes out, and for the ones with more than one buyer, we will draw to see who gets the piece on Friday morning (June 5th), after the Thursday night (June 4th) event. Pieces not sold during this time, will still be for sale after Friday morning.

Daffodil,  Sarah Webber

Popular, Bill Colt

2 Birds on a Cactus, Kathryn Blackmun

Scent, Jaime Ellsworth

Roscoe, Bill Colt

A Dreamy Backyard II, Patrick Coffaro

Foal with Boots, Lisa Gordon

The Orange Ball, Sheridan Brown

Seeker, Greg Dye

Castle Valley Study, Michael Baum

Calico,  Patricia Hunter
July 2015

Color Speaks

July 2 - August 1

Wilde Meyer Gallery (Tucson), 3001 E Skyline Dr. Tucson, AZ 85718
520-615-5222 | info@wildemeyer.com

Opening Reception: July 2nd, 2015, 5 – 7 PM

Group show featuring Thomas Nelford, Fran Larsen, Charles Davison, Robert Burt, Brenda Bredvik, and many others.

Moon Rider, Karen Bezuidenhout

Dreamland, Andrea Peterson

Sunrise Symphony, Christina Ramirez

Night Wolf, Rand Smith

Old Blue, Carol Spielman

Beach Scene, Jacqueline Rochester

Divine, Sara Newton

First Light, Thomas Nelford

Yellow Ochre Chimp, Jeff Cochran

Blue Mesa, Summer, Fran Larsen

Doc, Thom Ross

Born Free, Chaille Trevor

Summer Spectacular

July 9 - August 1

Wilde Meyer Gallery, 4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale
Wilde Meyer Annex, 7100 Main Street, Scottsdale

Reception: July 9th, 2015, 7-9 PM


480-945-2323 | info@wildemeyer.com

In conjunction with Summer Spectacular ArtWalk, WILDE MEYER GALLERY and WILDE MEYER ANNEX will be showing spectacular art by our treasured area artists. Every summer the galleries host an opening to show their appreciation for local clients and artists alike. This show will feature our most talented artists, many of whom will be present to meet all the art revelers. Included in both galleries will be the work of Charles Davison, Timothy Chapman, Sherri Belassen, Nancy and Sandy Pendleton, Judy Feldman, Brian Boner, Ryan Hale, Connie Townsend, and many more. Show will be on display July 9th to August 1st with an opening reception July 9th from 7:00-9:00 PM.

Oval Essence, Nancy Pendleton

Bridge, Ava Young

Koi Pond II, Robert Charon

Letters, Brian Boner

Tango II, Sherri Belassen

In Sight, Chaille Trevor

Pia's Trattoria, Judy Feldman

Happy Day, Carol Ruff Franza

Hummer Nesting, Barbara Duzan

Hopi Dancer, Jack Roberts
Impaled Double Bubble with Tootsie Roll, Dan Nearing

Sticking Together, Patrick Coffaro

A Cautious Engagement in Novel Behaviour, Timothy Chapman

From Within, Ryan Hale

Red Pup, Sue Goldsand

Green Blanket, Robert Burt

Good Ponies I, Charles Davison

Red, Connie Townsend
August 2015

Cool It

August 6 - September 26

Wilde Meyer Gallery, 4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale
480-945-2323 | info@wildemeyer.com

Opening Reception: May 7th, 2015, 7-9 PM


To wind down the summer heat, Wilde Meyer Gallery will be featuring a really cool show. Artists included are Debora Stewart, Tierney Miller, Ana Marini, Carol Spielman, Ryan Hale and many more.

Thoughts at Dusk, Ryan Hale

Winged Boughs, Acacia Alder

Positive Steps, Lawrence Taylor

You Gonna Eat That?, Connie Townsend

Full Moon, Jaime Ellsworth

Lotus, Linda Carter Holman

Composition in Yellow, Grey & Black #7, Tierney Miller

2 Nudes, Brenda Bredvik

The View, Monika Rossa

Yonder, Connie Townsend

Harvest Queen, Rachel Slick

Letters of Transit (Casablanca), Earl Linderman

Untitled, Libby Dunlap

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