Bill Colt

Artist Bill Colt
Bill Colt has been drawing and painting since boyhood, but pursued a career as a corporate pilot currently flying a Lear 45. Returning to art in recent years, artist Bill Colt creates mixed media paintings are a metaphor for recapturing lost time through layers of vintage images partially obscured by transparent objects, scenes and animals. Colt’s subject matter ranges from 50s street scenes to longhorns, from World War II era aircraft to “in your grille” vintage Cadillacs.

“My colors come right out of their acrylic tubes. I use texture (joint compound, raw canvas, cheesecloth, etc.) and collage (1950’s magazines, comic books, engineering manuals, tourist brochures, among other things) in my paintings. Look closely, and you’ll see bits and pieces of this collage giving my work an underlying “graffiti” dimension.”

Bill’s work is represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Galleries.  Click on any piece to enlarge it.