Connie Townsend

Connie Townsend says: “Like most people, I have had a life full of joy and sorrow.  The part where I started painting, is hands down the most joyous. ”

She received her art education from Mt. San Antonio College in California during the 1970’s.  Her whimsical and joy filled works contain an impressive amount of finesse in oil and acrylic painting technique.  Her lively and surprising use of color combine with her exciting design sense to create paintings that are fun to live with.

Below are examples of Connie Townsend’s work.  Please contact us for more information.

Rainbow Sky

Don’t Hound Me

Away From Keyboard

Curious Cat Face

Love My Life




Great and Small (Love them all)


Wild Hair

Spring Time

Jackknife Camp

Stubby & the Bird Dog

Goat Tote