Denise Mathot

“A lifetime of creative energy has been a passion for me. Color, line and form and all their different possibilities inspire me. I am influenced by everything around me: graphic design, interior design, architecture, nature; even graffiti on a wall.” – Denise Mathot

Color, light and composition all go into creating a piece of art, just as they go into the design of an interior. Layers of acrylic paint and glaze, texture, and papers or images are all ingredients of the design process worked onto a canvas or board. Years of many creative processes are all integrated onto the canvas to create a unique texture and style recognizable in Denise’s art.

Denise received a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the University of Arizona. She has studied fine art and photography at the Paier College of Art in New Haven Connecticut and also at the University of Delaware. She currently owns an Interior Design Studio in Tucson and has worked as an award winning Interior Designer for 30 years.

Denise’s work is represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Galleries.  Click on any piece to enlarge it.