Jim Nelson

Jim Nelson’s paintings are a metaphor for a spiritual connection to the natural world: “The subject matter I paint is not a modern Indian, but a people at a period of time when animal spirits were tied to everyday life. These people knew their placement on the great circle of life; they lived close to their grandmother (Earth Mother) and were guided by their grandfather (Sky Father). In our modern world, an inquisitive public is reaching back into the ancient times for a simpler way of life and the basics; the sky, the earth and the open prairie.”

Below are examples of Jim Nelson’s work. ┬áPlease contact us for more information.

Vision Quest

Hunters Walk

The Horse Hunter

Walks with the Ravens

Blacktail Deer Shaman

Call for the Black Pony

Seeks the Wisdom

The Watcher

Old Woman “The Dollmaker”

Earth Mother Returns

Black Bird Brings the Horse

Eagle Horse

Black Tail Deer Shaman


Mid Day Hunter

Yellow Hands Robe

He Puts His Stamp On ‘Em