Judy Feldman

“The post-impressionist and fauvist artists have been a strong influence on my art.  Following these masters, I focus on strong, pure color in my paintings, which reflect my interpretation of interior scenes and exterior settings. I strive to create a certain mood, as well as an element of whimsy in these works. Sometimes, my dog Cleo or another four-legged friend will find its way into a painting!

When imagining and creating a painting, I want to create a cozy place where viewers would like to spend some time.  Often, these places are influenced by memories of my visits to France, as well as travels to other countries.  Some say that I have a casual disregard for the rules of perspective.  Maybe that’s my Matisse muse!” – Judy Feldman

Judy’s work is represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Galleries.  Click on any piece to enlarge it.