Ka Fisher

Ka Fisher is a painter and a printmaker who approaches the printmakers’ pantheon from a great distance – an intentional and satisfactory approach.  She studied studio art at Indiana University, holds a bachelor’s degree in studio art from West Texas A&M University, and completed graduate work in studio art from the university of Arizona.  Exclusively represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Gallery in Scottsdale, Ka’s work contemporizes the American Southwest.

“My love affair with the Southwest began at the edges in Texas.  I was coming into it but not of it – not yet.  As a painter and printmaker, I am interested in the gestalt of the subject, the drama of the ordinary, and the gesture of the figure relating to the ground.  I let all of my expressionistic training, plus a love of figure, color, and problem solving, direct the work.  I try not to sacrifice integrity for marketability.  I try to take workshops of note for me.  Conferring with others, sticking with mentors, and remaining a lifelong student keeps me redirecting the impetus of my work.”

Ka’s work is represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Galleries.  Click on any piece to enlarge it.