Kari Rives

Kari Rives says:  “Having studied at the Museum School in Boston, then Skowhegan in Maine, I was  trained to value honesty of intention and a critical eye on quality in my work.  As subjects, I have long been drawn to animals; they are a vital presence in many of our lives and the object of legend and cultural expression here in the Southwest.  Clay adores gesture, so I leave most evidence of my touch as texture,  working quickly to establish physicality and maintain a sense of breath within my forms.  In an uncertain, I would prefer my work to project  kindness over confrontation.”

Below are examples of Kari Rives’s work. For information, click on a piece. Or call 480-945-2323 – email info@wildemeyer.com

Piggie VIII

Lop Floppy Bunny

Brown Cow Pair

Tres Colores



Sage Hedgehog


Green Prairie Dog



Standing Yellow Prairie Dog

Chuck the Chocolate Skunk

Dude Frog


Seated Pink Prairie Dog

Golden Years

Golden Years