Kate Dardine

Photo of Kate Dardine with her horseKate Dardine was born in Connecticut and spent her childhood exploring the woodlands, fields and streams surrounding her home and making friends with all the creatures who lived there. After travelling around the country for a year after high school, she returned to Connecticut, got married, had kids, earned her BA in Illustration…and eventually followed her heart to the wide-open spaces of the west. 33 years ago she and her husband packed up the kids and the pets and moved to northern Colorado, where they built a log home on 11 acres and filled it with music, art, dogs, goats, cats and horses.  She and her musician husband currently live and create in a much smaller space in Wellington, Colorado.  She has one horse, a 25 year old mare named Stormi who has been her muse for 24 years, and two aging cats who snore while she paints.

Kate Dardine’s paintings are represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Galleries.  Click on any image to enlarge it.