Kathryn Blackmun

“Whimsical” is the word usually used to describe Kathryn Blackmun’s carefully hand painted hand built pottery.  Colorful cats, dogs, birds, rabbits and other animals predominate…but there’s also Southwest-inspired fantasy landscapes, cowgirls, and robots.

Kathryn was born at the U.S. Navy Base in Trinidad, grew up in the Midwest and was a long-time resident of Los Angeles.  She received a BFA in Fine Art at UC Irvine and attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  Over a decade ago ago she moved to Santa Fe where she became interested in ceramics and now lives in Albuquerque.

Below are examples of Kathryn Blackmun’s work. For information, click on a piece. Or call 480-945-2323 – email info@wildemeyer.com