Michelle Andres

Michelle Andres is a contemporary American oil painter, writer, and poet who draws from nature to celebrate joy and hope in our often challenging world. Her current work explores our intimate relationships with the natural elements of our rivers, rural expanses, parklands and solitary dwellings.

Inspired by artists such as Stuart Shils, Raimonds Staprans and Nicholas de Stael, Andres works through layers of gooey oil paint, attentive to line, light, texture and colour, she explores her world….our world.  Often, the landscape is observed and recorded in a flattened fashion. Several layers of paint chronicle the history of the picture, with little attempt to hide the path.  Pieces of paint tell little stories, like the account of the land. Working towards ‘simplification with interest’ is the goal. Andres says, “I embrace little places in the paintings that make the subject uniquely itself. It’s through this process I hope to give observers a quiet, thoughtful respite from our busy, often noisy world –  seeing something nourishing they’re familiar with, but didn’t realize they were missing.”

Andres’ work has been exhibited in the Crocker Art Museum and the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, the Crocker-Kingsley Art competition and is in numerous private and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. Michelle Andres is represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Gallery.

Click here for a video of Andres’ work.

Michelle’s work is represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Galleries.  Click on any piece to enlarge it.


We are expecting more work from Michelle Andres soon.