Patrick Coffaro

A printer and painter, Patrick Coffaro is best known for his multicolored monoprints and mixed-media collages of the Southwestern desert.  His signature works incorporate “chine colle,” a method of coloring and bonding layers of paper utilizing inks, varnish, and the pressure of a printing press.  But today he is mainly working with mixed media and oil on canvas.



Below are examples of Patrick Coffaro’s work. For information, click on a piece. Or call 480-945-2323 – email

Wonderful Together

Bold Summer Beauties

Follow the Leader

Hands Up

A Happy Hang Out

Looking for Somebody

Bring the Magic

Cacti That Enchants

They’re All Here

Our New Look

Voted the Best

Now This We Like

Going Big

What’s Up?

Making a Scene

Are You Hiding?

Not Just Another Cactus

High Style

Big Daddy

Party Ready

All Ears

Pear Time

Just Fantastic