Sarah Webber

Sarah Webber photoSarah Webber is well known for her paintings of cows and wildlife which seem to possess personality, charm or even humor. Sarah delves into the details of her subjects capturing individuality, from the color of a nose, the spark she observes in the eyes, the thickness of fur or the curve of an ear. Webber’s art is expressive and spontaneous.

Below are examples of Sarah Webber’s work. For information, click on a piece. Or call 480-945-2323 – email

Over the Moon

Coyote Junction

Mommas Here

Mostly Mischief

Mind Your Manners

Good Morning Sunshine

Wild Goose Chase


Guarding the Tetons

Little Bumbler

Raven Haven

The Big Lick

Every Day is Donkey Day, by Sarah Webber

Every Day is Donkey Day

Roadrunner in Pink

Frida’s Flock

High and Low Heifers

Quizzical, by Sarah Webber


Stars of the Show, by Sarah Webber

Stars of the Show

Tiny Mouse Fingers, by Sarah Webber

Tiny Mouse Fingers

Big Bear, Blue Spots, by Sarah Webber

Big Bear, Blue Spots

Fern and her Boyfriend, by Sarah Webber

Fern and her Boyfriend

The Quiet Type, by Sarah Webber

The Quiet Type