Tanya Mirchandani

“After an introduction to making jewelry with glass, I fell in love with the medium, loving the colors and the effects of light on it.  I love the challenge of manipulating glass to create interesting shapes and forms. Today I am drawn to flowers and more freeform pieces that have lots of movement and color.  Recently I started experimenting with combining glass and copper and am now working on different projects to create more complex pieces inspired by nature.  I want to draw your eyes and your imagination into the beauty of nature shown through glass.” – Tanya Mirchandani

Below are a series of poems Mirchandani wrote about her work process:



Butterflies are free, or so people say,

But mine cost some dollars, for each takes some days.

I outline on glass and cut all around,

then color with powders all specially ground.

Into the kiln to be fired many times,

and six days later they fly out sublime.



Each wonderful, intricate, colorful flower

can keep me hard working for many an hour.

Shaping so many petals over custom moulds

Fused in the kiln, creating beautiful folds.



The process for making a beautiful vase

can keep me so busy for several days

I can either use powders or colored glass

and cutting the outline is not very fast.

Kiln fired for days in multiple ways,

the vase now shines in the sun’s bright rays



Many pieces of glass go into each bowl;

to cut and layer each strip is my vital role.

In every creation, my heart and my soul

eventually results in this beautiful bowl.


Tanya’s work is represented in Arizona by Wilde Meyer Galleries.  Click on any piece to enlarge it.