Timothy Chapman

According to Timothy Chapman: “The look of this work owes a lot of my fondness for earlier styles of depicting animals, particularly the copperplate engravings that illustrated Buffon’s Natural History (begun in 1766), as well as Victorian animal portraiture and old scientific illustration.  I have tried to present similarly earnest, but basically inaccurate, renderings of animals by using humor, irony and a surrealistic sensibility that is not available to the scientist.  What I want most is to impart to the viewer a sense of wonder and strangeness that nature photography and video, in spite of their inherent capacity for precision, cannot.”  In 2014, Chapman was selected by the U. S. State Department to travel to Nairobi, Kenya in its artist exchange program called ‘Art in Embassies’.

Below are examples of Timothy Chapman’s work. For information, click on a piece. Or call 480-945-2323 – email info@wildemeyer.com

Botanical Study (Lemon)

Recent Fossil Evidence in T.Rex

Before the Humans Came (Bison)

Attempts at Biomimicry

The Gravitational Attraction Between Venus and Mars

A Small Gathering

Attempts at Terraforming

Before the Humans Came (Coyote)

Vertically Through Time (Coyote)

Sunset (Magpie)

Dream State in Cynomys


Pattern Anamaoly from the Kundu Province

Dream State in the Piere Jaune Pine

Dream State in the Piere Jaune Pine

A Curious Disturbance Toward the East

Recent Finds From the MacDonnell Ranges

Recent Finds From the MacDonnell Ranges

The Effects of Diet on Pattern