Tom Philabaum

Tom Philabaum received a B.A. in Art and Education from Southern Illinois University in 1969, and then joined the innovative Glass Program at the University of Wisconsin studying under Harvey Littleton.  He completed a Master’s degree in 1973 before moving to Tucson, where he built his own glass-blowing studio, and earned an M.F.A. in ceramics from the University of Arizona.  He has been a working artist since that time, as well as starting Philabaum Glass Gallery in 1982, where he has curated exhibitions ever since.

Below are examples of Tom Philabaum’s work. For information, click on a piece. Or call 480-945-2323 – email

Totem #6

Totem #6

Cactus – Purple



Rock Vase – Lavender/Orange

Reptilian Round – Gold

Short Studio Vase - Red

Short Studio Vase – Red

Perfume Bottle – Round – Gold/Gold

Transparent Nutty Bowl – Ruby