Trevor Mikula

Trevor Mikula’s art can be appreciated by anyone. Taking inspiration from the people and things around him, Trevor’s paintings are interpretations of traditional subjects created with a palette knife and vibrant color. The results are easily identified as uniquely “Trevor,” paintings that are beautiful and full of life.

Below are examples of Trevor Mikula’s work. For information, click on a piece. Or call 480-945-2323 – email

Play it For Me.. Flight of the Bumblebees

The Owl Who Didn’t Give a Hoot

If You’re Talking Purple, I’m Listening

Big Hair Don’t Care

Polka Pants

Slowpoke Saguaro

Giddy Up Girl

Tonight We’ve Got the Roadrunner on Trombone

Miss Thang

Introducing Mr. Sparkle Rodeo!

Love You

Flame Back

That Sheep’s Gotta Be Worth More Than Half Its Weight in Gold

I Love Purple

Stick by Moe

Saguaro Station Wagon

A Golden Opportunity to Say You’re Pretty

Dwell Doggy

Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!

Hey Girl

Hi Cow

Calico on Persian Rug

Buffalo Beauty

Seeing Red

Double Flutter

Hang in There

Trevor and His Cow of Many Colors