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Wilde Meyer Annex, 7100 Main Street Scottsdale, AZ 85251
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Opening Reception: Thursday, May 7th from 7- 9 PM


Treats, Judy Feldman

Balancing Act II, Barbara Duzan

In Your Dreams, Jacqueline Rochester

“Dogs Rule – Horses Rock” will feature some of WILDE MEYER’s best equine and canine artists. Artists include Chaille Trevor, Connie Townsend, Sushe Felix, Sherri Belassen, Karen Bezuidenhout, Jaime Ellsworth, and many more. Chaille Trevor specializes in painting the classical beauty of the horse. Sarah Webber’s wild burros exude charm whether shown in their natural habitat or as adoptees in domestic settings. Jaime Ellsworth often combines abstracted figures of equines and canines. Other artists include horses and dogs as part of a larger picture – participants in imaginary scenes. Connie Townsend shows emancipated dogs driving cars and motorcycles. Patricia Hunter captures the souls of her watercolor dogs. Show will hang from May 7th to May 30th, with an opening reception on May 7th from 7:00-9:00.

Call or email for more info:
480-947-1489 |

Woman with Horse, J Gilbert

Blue Gingko Leaf Horse, Michelle MacKenzie

Seriously, Patricia Hunter

El Adios, Ana Marini-Genzon

Parkside, Dana Hooper

Feisty Filly, Brenda Bredvik

The Lookout, Sheridan Brown

Nine Ponies, Suzanne Betz

Rolling, Lisa Gordon

Kong Rules, Connie Townsend

Rainbow Dance, Charles Davison

Eagle Horse, Jim Nelson

Greetings, Jaime Ellsworth

Mangoes, Rudie van Brussel

Oranges II, Rudie van Brussel

My Dog's a Nerd, Stephano

Sterling Silver Earrings,

Baby Got Back, Stephano

Doghead, mmmmmmmmmmmm

Southwest Cheval, Sherri Belassen

Good Neighbors, Melinda Hall

Glass Pegasus, Andrea Peterson

Puppy with Butterfly, Barbara Duzan

Super Pony, Lisa Gordon

Summer Breezes, Sushe Felix

Sleepy Ole Boston, Trevor Mikula

Boveny, Karen Bezuidenhout

Spirit Horses, Chaille Trevor

Hot Dog Encore, Andrea Peterson

Gathering Place, Carol Spielman

Full Moon, Jaime Ellsworth

You Gonna Eat That? #11, Connie Townsend


May 7, 2015
May 30, 2015