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There are a few great items left that can be viewed in person at the Tucson gallery, 2890 E Skyline Drive.

Located at Plaza Colonial SW corner Skyline and Campbell, or give us a call at 520-615-5222.



All proceeds go to Cody’s Friends to help owners and their pets in need.

WILDE MEYER GALLERY is a permanent drop off for Cody’s Friends pet food and supplies.


Click here to learn more about Cody’s Friends.


Make offers.

Puppy in the Grass by
Red Ball by
Sun Rise by
Rabbit by
All in a Row by
Angel by
Standing Guard by
Recent Fossil Evidence in T.Rex by
February Winds by
Little Z by
Alphadog by
Golden Light by
Red Flash by
Spotted Dog by
Superman by
Saguaro Monsoon I by
Saguaro Monsoon II by
Balance by
Peaceful by
How Now? by
Butterfly by
Master of the Airways by
Terrence by
Earthen Ox by
Green Acorn Moth by
Skinny Blue by
Garden Variety by
Esprit by
The Eagle by
Serene Coyote by
By the Lake by
BACCARAT "Edith" 1930's French Crystal Vase by
Necklace by
Necklace by
Necklace & Earrings by
Ammonite fossil pendant by
Carved Asian block by
Earrings by
Pussy Galore by
Sticks Plaque by
Handwoven wool rug from Pakistan by
Ceramic Canister Set by
Indie as Eel by
El Jefe Cat Lounge Gift Basket by
One year membership to Reid Park Zoo by
Cat Pillow by
Johnny Was Sweater w/ Belt  by
Brenda Peo Gift Basket by
Karimi Rugs Hand Wash Cleaning and Preservation by
Skin Appeal by
Seared Living by
Red Barrel Cactus Spoon Rest by
Strange Desert by
Waiting by
Eagles Flight by
Vase Set by
Morning Bouquet by
Cat in the Garden by
Silver Wildlife Necklace by
Adorsed Tiger by
Necklace by
Necklace by
Zuni Bracelet by
Vintage wool pillow covers by
Volkswagen Cookie Jars by
Pair of Chinese Vases by
Volkswagen Cookie Jars by

Wilde Meyer Gallery
2890 E Skyline Drive, Suite 170, Tucson
520-615-5222 |


April 6 @ 8:00 am
April 16 @ 5:00 pm
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