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July 1st – July 15th

WILDE MEYER GALLERY will present a small works show to benefit animal charities.

We will raffle off three paintings that were generously donated by artists Karen Bezuidenhout, Judy Choate, and Ryan Hale. 

100% of the proceeds will go to animal charities. 

Tickets are $5 each or 6 for $25.

Call 480-945-2323 or email to purchase raffle tickets. 




The small works show will also include great pieces for purchase, with 10% off the top of all sales going to animal charities. Below are examples of the great small works available for sale.


Plum by
Puppy Love by
Western Motel by
Skateboard Jack Rabbit by
Elegant by



To view the entire show, please click on the “MORE” button or view the work in person at our Scottsdale Gallery.

Several of our artists have priced their work well below normal for this event. Check out work by the following artists: Jim Budish, Judy Feldman, Ryan Hale, Connie R. Townsend, Chaille Trevor, Sarah Webber, and many more.

A Perfect Day by
Midmorning II by
Plum by
Midmorning I by
Green Lake Trees by
Blue Lake Shadows by
Blue Line by
Country Road by
Vidia by
Colt by
Zoe by
Leery Steer  by
Sky at Dusk by
Cherry Season by
Summer Breakfast by
Criss Cross Cactus by
Water & Earth by
Blue Mountains & Donkey by
Wandering the High Road by
Enchanted Forest 3 by
Enchanted Forest 1 by
Cactus Hummer by
Skateboard Jack Rabbit Shadow Box by
Poppy and Hummer Vase by
The Notion of Birds III by
The Notion of Birds IV by
The Notion of Birds V by
The Notion of Birds X by
Beauty in Color by
Better Together by
Desert Dream by
Midnight Run by
Sweetie by
Double Decker by
Cluck by
Helpmate by
Best Side by
Ayrie by
Feeding Time by
Drive By #18 by
Golden Light by
Lakeside by
The End of a Lazy Day by
Dog by
Fishing Moon by
Sun Circles by
After the Deluge by
Night Wonders II by
Balancing Act I   by
Find by
In the Loop by
Shadow Walker by
Puppy Love by
Westward Journey by
Sunset Glow by
Celebrant #7 by
Electric Indian by
Magic Horse by
The Sentinel by
Winged Horse by
Spot by
Cool Dog by
Splendid by
Western Motel by
Strange Desert by
Neon Cowboys by
Javalina Snackin' Friends by
In Distant Rumble by
Balancing Act by
Come Back by
Lass by
Cayuse by
Ol' Blue Eyes by
Saguaro #2 by
Saguaro #3 by
Saguaro #7 by
Saguaro #11 by
Man Mug by
Drinking Man Bowl by
Spring Moon by
Soñando con Mariposas by
Color Stream by
Parade of Colored Horses by
True Love by
Brother Raven by
Dancing in the Wind 1 by
Dancing in the Wind 2 by
Dancing in the Wind 3 by
Hunter #18 by
Walks With Her Wisdom by
Old Woman New Robe by
Taos Landscape I by
Taos Landscape II by
Duvet by
Floral Study by
Coffee and Eggs by
Cisco by
Night Rider by
Winged Totem by
Waterscapes I by
Waterscapes II by
Waterscapes III by
Mountain Series I by
Mountain Series II by
Mountain Series III by
Girl with Hummer by
Girl with Golden Mittens by
Girl with White Cat by
Red Bull I by
Night Riders by
Red Flowers by
By the Lake by
Red Mare by
BeeWare Wall Place by
Pokka Dotta Rabbit Race by
Crow Wall Piece by
Crow Wall Piece by
Mignight Horse Race Wall Plaque by
Wall Heart w/ adornments by
Nature Lover on Porgy & Bess by
Dearming of Wild Horses on Hers Alpert TJ Brass by
The Wild Hunt On Dinah Washinston 62 by
Boss by
Tree Study by
Study EH1 by
Tranquility by
A Love and Joy by
Carefree by
Peace by
Koi Pond I by
Koi Pond II by
Scooter and Biff by
Naughty or Nice by
Gray Gaze by
Big Mouth  by
Shifty by
Prickly Pals by
Elegant by
Farmhouse Barbie by
Queenie by
Meditation in Gold by


July 1, 2022 @ 8:00 am
July 28, 2022 @ 5:00 pm
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