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September 2021



September 1st – 31st

We will be featuring new work by some of our best artists throughout the month of September.  Below is just a sampling of what you will see, plus more will be added throughout the month.

Homeland by
Dialogue with Black XII by
Horse in a White Field by
A Grateful Descent by
Serene Sun by
Untitled by
Saguaro Monsoon I by
Pilgrimage by
My Palette is Very Diverse by
Untitled #24 by
Four Buckets of Grain by
Saguaro with Bird by
As the Wind Blows by
Southwest Desert Glow by
Douglas by
A Bright Spot in the Landscape by
Saga of a Green Sofa by


Click on any image to see more work by the artist.

Wilde Meyer Gallery
4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale
480-945-2323 | info@wildemeyer.com



will be presenting a


Please join us

September 25th, 4:00 – 7:00 PM

for fun refreshments and live entertainment by harpist Vanessa Myers.

Artists’ work shown below are just a few of the examples of work to be shown at Wilde Meyer Gallery.

View in the Distance by
Arrived by
Thunder Spirit Speaks to Crazy Horse by
Heartland by
Earth Sage by
Cathedral Rock Moonrise - Sedona by
Tucson Mountains by
Approach (diptych) by
Emil  by
Green Morning by
Vibrant Sunset by
Adobe Church Series: San Isidro by
Grasslands Mother and Child by
Love by


Harpist Vanessa Myers


Wilde Meyer Gallery
2890 E Skyline Drive, Suite 170, Tucson
520-615-5222 | info@wildemeyer.com

October 2021



in conjunction with Clue: Art + Literature Trivia Scavenger Hunt

(see details below)

Thursday, October 14th, 7:00 – 9:00 PM


Some narrative art tells a complete story. Many paintings require the viewer to complete the story with his imagination.  Still others require the viewer to read the title next to the piece to set the narrative. Some titles raise questions about what the meaning of the story is.  A good example of this narrative is the work of Linda Carter Holman.  Example – her painting “The Source”, makes the viewer wonder what source, what is the source for, what will it do, what is the full story?  It intrigues the imagination.


The Source by
A Candle for Peace by
Once Upon a Garden (Time) by
Four Buckets of Grain by
Ready Warrior by
Autumn Ride by
Lucy:  The Protector by
Costa by
Night Moves by
Spring Trail I by
Bath by
Hello/Goodbye by
Can I Keep Him? by
Cuban Conversation by

The Scottsdale Gallery Association (SGA) and The Friends of the Scottsdale Public Library, which raises money to support the library’s special programs, have teamed up to present art and literary enthusiasts with: Clue: Art + Literature Trivia Scavenger Hunt. This one-of-a-kind specially-themed Gold Palette ArtWalk leads guests through an evening of traveling “Trivial Pursuit.”  Clues or questions will be posted in the front window of participating galleries. Each clue is intended to intrigue and entice visitors with a question about a well-known artist, many of whom have ties to Arizona and/or Scottsdale in particular. Answers to the clues will be inside each gallery. Approximately 20 galleries, including WILDE MEYER GALLERY are participating in this progressive trivia night.


Wilde Meyer Gallery
4142 N. Marshall Way, Scottsdale
480-945-2323 | info@wildemeyer.com





will be presenting an exciting sculpture show throughout the

beautiful Plaza Colonial grounds and in the galleries as well.

Please join us

Saturday, October 23rd, 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

to view captivating sculpture in all sizes and price ranges.

Untitled by
Chauncey by
Cosmos21 by
Caretaker by
Generations by
Savanah by
Wren Party by
Circular Study by
Large Horse on a Ball by
Rising by
Siete by
Doug's Gang - Five Figures by
Raven with Sgraffito Base by
Horse - Green by
Pig by
Calypso by
Interfaith Donkey by
Untitled by
Whoo  by
Navajo Maiden by
Gypsy and the Raven by
Santa Clara Pueblo Ram Dancers by

Wilde Meyer Gallery
2890 E Skyline Drive, Suite 170, Tucson
520-615-5222 | info@wildemeyer.com

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