2015 Artist Ornaments
Patricia Hunter Awesome
Patricia Hunter Friendly Feral
Bill Colt: Chuck

New images for artist ornaments are available at all Galleries.

We have a good supply of previous year’s ornaments as well. All profits go to Animal charities.

Trevor Mikula: Ready to Roll
Andrea Peterson: Corps de Ballet
Linda Carter Holman: Following the Star
Brenda Bredvik: 8 Seconds
Call or Email to order
Price: $12.00480-945-2323 ~ info@wildemeyer.com
(Actual ribbon colors vary according to artwork)

Barbara Gurwitz: Sweet Summer Morn
Jeff Cochran: Tangled Up in Blue
Sarah Webber: Flopsy and Mopsy

Jaime Ellsworth: Full Moon
Brenda Bredvik: Sunrise
Timothy Chapman: Zebrid Display Tactics
Ryan Hale: Cow in a Room
Chaille Trevor: Mares and Clouds
Patricia Hunter: Tender Moment
Deborah Stewart: Running Horse