Peggy Judy

Peggy Judy’s paintings have been categorized as Contemporary Western. Peggy explains, “I use traditional and well-honored Western subject matter with a different perspective and expressive interpretation. Using a more graphic approach to composition and design that comes from my illustration background, I try to describe the intensity of the West as it was lived in the past and still is today by a select few weathered souls. I portray the animals that still grace our Western states and those that care for them. My work resides here in the USA as well as the UK and Europe. I have been honored with acceptance into major Western art shows and museums around the Western United States.”

Below are examples of Peggy Judy’s art. ┬áPlease contact us for more information.

Golden Morning

Blu Hors

Want to Know a Secret?

Peggy Judy, American Icon

American Icon

Peggy Judy, Reach


Peggy Judy, Strut'n


Peggy Judy, Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Peggy Judy, Pinto Yearling

Pinto Yearling

Peggy Judy, Horseback