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New ornaments are here.

All profits go to Animal charities.

Ryan Hale – Lady with Flowers

Sherri Belassen – Femme Cheval II

Andrea Peterson – Cozy on Up

Call or Email to order
Price: $12.00

480-945-2323 ~

(Actual ribbon colors vary according to artwork)

Sheridan Brown – Doxie

Jaime Ellsworth – Red Dogs

Trevor Mikula

Theresa Paden – Wild Beauty

Chaille Trevor – Esprit

Charles Davison
Many Horse Many Dreams

Bill Colt – Moo
Ryan Hale
Ryan Hale – Space Dog

Connie Townsend
We Herd

We have a good supply of previous year’s ornaments as well.
Click here to see last year’s images.


December 1, 2017
December 31, 2017