Judy Choate

Through the years Judy Choate studied watercolor and drawing in small local classes and at community colleges. While living in Sedona in 2008, she began painting with acrylics and canvases. Her style developed while learning to paint the shapes of the red rocks along with their changing light and colors. She captures the restless movement of earth’s skies along with the serenity and the power of timeless land formations by weaving shapes with dazzling colors, exquisitely blended with energetic brush strokes. Her art continues to develop and evolve. Judy enjoys the mystery of each painting journey and the end result as she paints her interpretation and movement of the skies, mountains, and deserts of the southwest; allowing colors and shapes to work together harmoniously.

Below are examples of Judy Choate’s work.  Please contact us for more information.

Winter’s Evening Glow

Silk Ribbons

Cloud Dance Ribbons

Magical Afternoon

Brilliant Winter Sunset

Windy Sunset

Clouds Building at Noon

Cloud Tower

Into The Blue

Fiery Sunset

Cloud Rendezvous

Riding The Wind

Beautiful Afternoon

Sun Rays

Afternoon Storm Clouds Building

Afternoon Storm Clouds Building

Red Canyon Pass